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History Matters - Making Sense of Evidence
Teaching With Documents
Kathy Schrock - Primary Sources in the Classroom (resources by subject area also)
Guides to Historical Research

National Archives

Document Analysis Tools from the National Archives
The Learning Curve
Docs.Teach - National Archives site supporting teacher use of Primary Documents (guidelines, explanations, teacher-shared lessons using National Archives digital resources; requires simple, free registration to use the site for storage and sharing)

Items of Importance

Citing Primary Sources

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Top Ten Blogs for History Teachers
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Lesson Plans

Blooms and Primary Sources.pdf
Introductory Lesson from Library of Congress
Teaching With Documents - Lesson Plans from the National Archives
Engaging Students with Primary Sources from the Smithsonian National Museum of American History
Artifacts and Fiction - Primary Source Workshop in American Literature
Primary Source Materials and Document Based Questions

Online Activities

Digital Vault
Primary Access
Eyewitness to History
HSI Historical Scene Investigations
World History

Search Thinkfinity
Example Clue Within These Walls (Click on Go Back In Time)

Primary Source Sites

Office of the Historian
FREE Federal Resources
Newseum Front Pages
EuroDocs - Online Sources for European History
Primary Source Documents for the Industrial Revolution
Footnote - Documents by Decade, can be annotated
Digital History
Primary Sources on the Web
Our Documents - 100 Milestone American Documents
National American History Collections
The American Presidency Project
NationMaster - Global Statistical Information
Shorpy Historical Photos
Looking at the Holidays Through Primary Sources
C-SPAN Classroom Resources
The Avalon Project
America's Historical Documents
Milestone Documents
Original Civil War Photos
The Karpeles Manuscript Library

Primary Source Projects

Primary Research - Bring History Closer to Home
History Teacher's Attic
Dear Daddy


FREE Historical Thinking Poster
Block Posters - create posters from small documents