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Lesson Plans by TPS Participants

Plans developed by teachers at Waynesburg University

These plans were developed at IU 12 as part of a TPS grant:
Discrimination in America (CSmith).pdf
Propaganda of WWII (JLum).pdf
WPA Posters (BWillard).pdf
Photography (aayres).doc
MLK (astough).DOC (extra files for above plan)
Great Depression (wflaherty).doc
Slavery (twagner).doc
Descriptive Writing (rjohnson).doc (extra files for above plan)
Growing Nation (gwimmer).pdf
Flanders Fields (kseufert).doc (extra files for above plan)
Stereotypes (jprettyman).doc (extra files for above plan)
Advertising (kmowery).doc
Family Artifact (cney).pdf
Boom to Bust (jgibbs).doc
Aztecs (acampbell).doc